Friday, March 11, 2016

Auto Driver alias Hero

It was one of those days I had to find an auto as my car was not available at home. I booked an auto thru' a mobile app. He arrived on time. Half way thru' he started discussing about the history of his life story without being asked for the same. He must be an enthusiast. At least I assumed that way. One of the fact he explained surprised me. He said many auto drivers go and get the mobile from the XXXX company and they uninstall the software and they start using as their own mobile phone. They think they have got a mobile worth of 3000 Rs free of cost. Since they uninstall the software they won't be getting any calls from the company and they have to drive the auto according to their interest. However the auto which I traveled in, he took the mobile from the company and use it very productively. His everyday goal was to earn a sum of 2500 RS by the end of the day. He takes each and every call request and accomplish the same. The XXXX company receives 70 thousand calls per day and he is in the 98.4% score as the top rated driver. Every week he will be getting 1000 rs as bonus for his commitment and endurance. 

After hearing so many facts from him, even after getting down from the auto, the only one thing which lingered in  my mind was "Ma'm everyday I step down from my house aiming that I will reach the goal by the end of the day and I do achieve it". Even though we knew all these facts, dreaming, implementing, achieving the goal is still difficult for us after learning so many philosophies, quotations from great orators. Here is such an ordinary auto driver who achieves the same by hard work, commitment and striving for excellence. To learn a great attitude, we don't need name tags from white collar list. Anybody can teach us a great lesson from any walk of life.


  1. Mubeen - Thank you for sharing this story. There is a book by Subrato Bagchi - The Professional and it talks about how every good professional should behave at work and their ethics towards the end user. The auto guy is indeed a professional. Enjoyed your post!

  2. In every profession we do have people like him and in every profession we also have majority of people who do not have an attitude.