Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The year Nineteen Ninety

The year was nineteen ninety,
I was 10 years and tiny,
I ran through the streets,
With lots of friends and meets;

Dancing was my passion,
I carried along like a fashion,
School was my magic destination,
I did not want any separation;

Looking back through nineties,
It was a period of melodies,
No regret to change any tune,
It was forever a monsoon;

It doesn't matter nineties or teenies *,
Life is always a super journey,
When you are not in a hurry,
And life will sing a happy note 
                             without worry;

*Teenies -  The year 2013- 2019 is called Teenies.


  1. your joyous nineties are to be cherished forever...lovely poem Mubeen :)

  2. Beautiful memories captured so tenderly :)

  3. School was my magic destination - although i travelled there at least ten years before - a joyful poem :)

  4. School/childhood was magic for me, too, but in the 1950s! We lived in the country so everyone and everything at school became my friends. Great times flowed. And I also see your point about what can be now, depressions and world events and politics aside. Child mind is positive energy and it helps lift all else. Thank you for lifting me this morning!

  5. Nice memory of your childhood. The last stanza is such a nice ending.

  6. Beautiful journey down memory lane Mubeen! :-)

  7. Those days when you have them, those memories are great to reminisce