Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Plane Saved by a Truck

A plane was struggling to land after a technical failure. The plane would have crashed in the ground with the front wheels being twirled. A Small Nissan truck came from nowhere and saved the plane by putting himself in the front and made the plane to land on him. I was in tears looking at the sight of the climax. The plane was saved and the truck was good. 

Looking at the video I thought, What is the trigger for the Airport technician to go around and help the plane. He could've thought it would be impossible thinking the magnificence of the task. Looking at the risk, nobody would dare doing it. But he did what he can to save the plane and the passengers at the right time. No wonder he is a real life hero.

What I learned from this video is, In life too there are people who are very close to us struggling to come out from their comfort zone or from any issue they are currently facing in their life. If we can act like the truck who came at the right time and saved the plane we can be that source of support to anyone who deserves our time. By doing so, we emerge strong as individuals and make others grow in their life. When we help others grow, we naturally move forward in life. What do you say?

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