Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Misplaced Document

Yesterday I had to find a document very urgently. I went to my mini library loaded with files. I searched through all of them. I didn't get that piece of document which I was looking for. I was perplexed. As the minutes passed, I got more frustrated. It has been almost an hour. With no curiosity to search more, i pulled one last file. What a wonderful surprise! I saw the document there. During one of the wee hours I plunged that document inside and left and that was not the intended place for the particular document. So I have searched in all the other places except this file. My inner voice was instructing me, "If you would have kept the right document in the right file even in the middle of your urgent work, it would have been very easy to retrieve it back. It was your fault not keeping at the right place". Finally  I convinced myself to work on the attitude in the same lines. 

Sometimes in the middle of hurry work or in the fast pace life we keep things in wrong places thinking that finding the right place will take lot of time. But the amount of time to retrieve the same back consumes all the time and leave us frustrated and helpless. I learned to keep right things at the right place. Everything has the right to belong to it's own place. It was a wonderful realization by misplacing a document. 

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