Sunday, March 13, 2016

What is Happiness

The term Happiness has its own definition for everyone. For me, happiness is when my sons come back from school with a smiling face knowing that they enjoyed their day. Even though some of the days don't go well, assuming that a silver lining will emerge after the experience will make me happy. 

During the recent Chennai floods, i was making a phone call to my maid and was checking if she was okay and to ask for any help. I was upset with the complete blackout in my house. When I called her I was expecting a very sad tone. But to my disappointment, she responded in a very normal happy tone. There was no whining and no irritation in the voice. There was no blaming the nature. She said "Ma'm there is water half way through the cot and we are sitting above the bed. Let's see what happens in the morning. Then I will ask for any help if I need any". Her reply was calm and soothing. That was the last call I could make before the phone signal went off. I learnt how to smile even in the middle of crisis. After talking to her, the black out in my house seemed to be so teeny tiny issue. 

If we all can evolve to be happy in all occasions of life which is really possible if we learn to flow with the stream of events in life. There are certain events which happens in our control. Many incidents does happen without our permission and not in our control. If we all understand, everything happens for a reason then we can find happiness even in the middle of disaster.

Chennai floods devastated lives. But the whole world witnessed the spirit of humanity. Even though it was a disaster it has opened many minds and changed many lives. If we question life why this happens? we can't be at peace. However if we trust that this happens for a reason, we can be happy at any point in life. Happiness is a religion when you flow with the flow of life.