Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Reading fun

One day I was sitting relaxed in the park lawn and reading something while my kids were at play. I could see many people doing restless walking in the mood of shedding weight. I was enjoying all the lovely sight. While I was indulging on my own thoughts, I could hear few ladies walk by in front of me gossiping the life story of someone. She shouldn't have done this or she must have done this is their judgment and statement. I was looking at the tall trees standing in front o...f me with a tall and majestic look with all green around. I wondered they have been hearing this stories everyday. Still they give the same gentle breeze, still they are tall and still they are very green and gives us shade. We should either should not listen gossip which doesn't bring value addition to us or anyone or if we do hear we need to let go within ourselves and not passing around and stay majestic like the trees. Instead some gossips doesn't let us sleep or sometimes make us depress. I believe we need to evolve? Trees are a great motivation.

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