Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Inspire & Learn

One of those rainy days in the last week, I had to take my elder son for his Drama Theatre class. I couldn't get a single auto at that moment. But we were clear in heading for the class and no mood to quit at any cost. After couple of rejections from few auto drivers, one elderly auto driver stopped and asked our route. Having said the same, he said Yes. For us, that was a great miracle moment as no one was wllling to come. He himself started to talk on the current politics which really seemed to be an eye opener for me as I don't follow regularly on those lines.By the way he started the talk, I could feel that I need to talk to him. I asked his whereabouts, how long does he work and how many kids does he have...etc to spend the time until we reached. His life story was so inspiring that he left me awestruck at the end when I got down.

Inspiring points from his life

-35 years he's been driving auto with no break in the lifetime
-He starts exactly at 8 AM in the morning and reaching home by 7 PM
-His elder son is in Military working in Jammu and Kashmir
-Elder daughter being married to a good person and she also  been taught good hands on in tailoring
-Younger daughter has been specialized in beauty parlour taining and working with Green Trends with a salary of 15K and going and coming by two wheeler

After I asked for a ride, he himself said I am going to put the metre and the rest if you feel like you can give more.

There are N number of learnings from his life. I hope we all got what we need to take from his life. Agree?

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