Thursday, November 5, 2015

Little Rain Drop

In the deepest of the clouds,
Exists a tiniest drop.
Waiting to pour down,
With all its mighty showers
Days passed by
All the fatty fluffy clouds
Chattering and roaring
In the enormous sky
Boasting and Thundering
Their infinite presence
The Tiniest drop wondered
Scared and Terrified
Thinking of its existence
And the momentum to flow down
Every day was challenging
Gathered all the courage to evoke
There came a day
When the lightning danced
Fearless being the state
The Tiniest drop grew enlarged and gigantic
And reached the wonderful earth
Danced in joy
The little drop realized
It’s amazing to be part of an Ocean
Fear is no more a word
And it learnt to enjoy life. 
 #Cloud #Learning #Life

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