Saturday, November 28, 2015


Few days before I saw my younger kicking a ball, bouncing and catching it. He was calling me and asking me to watch the same on how he throws the ball in the air and catches it back. I was surprised and astonished. He usually goes down to play with his friends and without me being physically around coaching him up, he learnt to do that from his friends.I was wondering how much effort of practice has made to do a perfect catch today. During the initial days of my Toastmaster journey I used to say why the speech not being perfect this time. If I introspect may be I would not have done enough practice to achieve the same. In life too, we need to repeat any act or practice over and over again to achieve perfectness of our desire. It can be applied for Cooking, Driving or even learning a new skill. If we put our heart and soul in the same, what we want to achieve can be done with ease with everyday practice.

I heard my friend say these yoga poses are too tough for me. It is not coming perfect. I don't think so it is possible. I asked her," When the teacher says to follow and continue the asanas(postures) are you doing or atleast trying according to the count which the teacher suggest". She looked at me sadly and said " No, I don't even stay until she finish the count". I asked her then how can you achieve perfect. She had a great desire, but if we don't work for it perfectness is not our cup of tea.

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