Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mood Swings

Last week was full of festive mood being Diwali as the occasion. Sweets and Savories were at home in large number and the kids had so much fun eating them. I had to keep an eye on all the intake they were about to consume for the day. Even if I don't buy it comes from neighbors and well wishers. My sons after having spicy treats they ask for sweets then they ask for Spicy treats. This was a routine and it was kept going on for few days. This made me think that even in life too we are like those little kids, when some events make us upset, we always look forward for the sweet happenings in our life. Eventually life takes its turns and most of the times it is topsy-turvy. If we can start enjoying all the moments what life can bring across, definitely we will be able to enjoy the platter in front of us may be it is spicy at times and too sweet in the other times. All moments in the virtue of shaping us for a better tomorrow.

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