Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Movie time

We had a complete Black Out for few days and even the internet is gone for a while. Chennai's weather made me to indulge in a movie after a very long time. Only I had the DVD "Lord of the Rings". Usually kids won't be there when I watch a movie. This time my younger son around 4.5 years stayed for sometime to watch with me. I was observing him while watching the same. In the late night when we went to bed together he asked me "Can we discuss something about the movie". I was ...totally surprised when he asked me that question. With a surprising smile I said "Yes honey we can discuss". He told me "The moral of the movie is that, Always good sustains at the end and Bad will always get punished". If I look at it deeply because we enforce being good, intake good and speak good all the time, this has deeply enrooted in him to think that way. I am glad that he picked only the goal of the movie and not the process.

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