Thursday, November 3, 2016

Coffee Cup

It was a wonderful morning. I was back from my regular yoga session. I was puzzled by the absence of my maid for a long time. “She must have been here by now. Why so late?” I was mumbling to myself. Before I could think all of that, I see my maid opening my door. Hah! I was relieved. Unfortunately, there were a lot of vessels to be cleaned, floor to be mobbed and dresses to do laundry. She started slowly, did everything in a good pace and finished all of that chores and left home. Usually, she has her cup of coffee after all the work. 

Before she started her work, I told her very clearly that the coffee was ready and kept near the oven. She too agreed and continued the work. After I completed my set of work and came to the kitchen I could see the coffee still there. I immediately called her number and asked why she didn't drink the same. She immediately replied, "Amma, I forgot" and she kept the phone.

The next day she came to my home as usual and told me that her mother was so happy and surprised about my phone call and she felt that someone in the world is caring for her daughter. I was smiling and felt good. I am not posting here just boasting myself or blowing an achievement, but to make myself and you aware that a small act can make a big difference for others. Few soothing words told at the right moment genuinely can bring a great difference for ourselves and others. Come on, let's make the world a little more beautiful every day. 

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