Friday, October 28, 2016

The School Exhibition and a Learning

A few weeks back, we had an invitation to attend a School exhibition. All parents were invited. It was the first time the school is conducting an event like this. I was very excited. I completed all my chores in the morning hours and started to get ready to school. It was a heavy traffic and so we reached the school tad late. I went to see all the exhibits. The children did fabulous creations and explaining the same to everyone tirelessly.

   By the time I reached my son’s class, it was time to wrap up. My 10-year-old was little upset that I reached late. I convinced him. While we were discussing something with his class teacher, a boy from his class came towards us and expressed his worry about not getting an autograph from a celebrity who visited their school in the morning. His class teacher and I tried to explain him not to worry on the same. He was okay. It was just a single interaction. He also left the place and I moved somewhere else to see the exhibit.

   After completing a full round in the school, I was about to go home. The same boy whom I had seen before few hours came and said bye to me very gently and graciously. I was touched. We had a very little interaction for few minutes. Yet when he came to me and said bye, I felt very good. This created a great impression on the boy.

 This impression made me realize that I forgot to do something for a friend whom I promised earlier. I saw her on the way. I told her my apology regarding the same. She said, “Hey, that’s ok”. I felt good that I discussed with her. After coming home, I realized one good impression left by a child allowed me to change my perspective. He touched me, in turn, I touched somebody’s life on the way. We don’t need to be one of the world’s famous personality to make a change, we can make a huge positive ripple just by being our self and imbibe anything good on the way. 

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