Friday, November 25, 2016

Magnified Gratitude

It was a warm Sunday afternoon. I felt like taking a cozy nap. But we had to head out for a speakers forum for a contest. So the idea of sleeping was destroyed. After a sumptuous lunch, we got ready and drove to the destination. We reached on time. The venue was well arranged and everybody was all set in place for the contest. The contestant's age group varied from 5th grade to 10th grade.

 They were all in the mood of preparing and delivering the best in the speech contest. As I was also on the team, I got to interact with many members. While I was in a discussion with a parent, I remembered her daughter singing on a big stage and was about to telecast in a TV. 

 I told the parent that her daughter sung well and that song was my favorite number. She said "Thanks" and we parted ways.

 The Contest went well. We finished everything and came back home late night. Around 10'O clock I got a ping in the Whatsapp. I checked the message. It was from the girl who sung well.

It read, "Thanks so much for letting my Mom know that I sang well". It came as a surprise for me. I talked all this to her mother. Like every one of us, she also would have discussed the same at home.

 But how many of us would take some time to tell our gratitude for the person who wished for us? Leave about adult, she was a school child probably from 8th or 9th grade. I was mesmerized.

If a child has the innate nature of gratitude in them, I wonder the maturity of the child when she grows up. Definitely, I believe it is only of the very holistic healthy habit which we all need to instill in our children by the way we practice in our life. Do you all agree?

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