Thursday, November 17, 2016

External Factor

It was a Sunday morning. As usual, I was too lazy to get up from bed. The smell of morning lilies and the lovely little birds did not allow me to open my eyes. The weather was extremely pleasant. In the midst of all the goodness, there was a disturbance. It was my phone. I cursed myself for not keeping in the silent mode. My dream was scampered. I immediately jumped from the bed in the mood of taking my mobile.

I said, "Hello, Good Morning". She replied saying, "Hi, can I speak for few minutes?". I wondered and puzzled. She continued, "There is a storytelling competition being planned near a school, next to my house. I thought to enroll my son for the same. If you can send me a story, then my son could practice and showcase for the event". I said, "I can very well do that. I will send the story in Whatsapp and you can ask your son to go over the same". She kept the phone and I continued my chores for that day.

The next day, she called again. This time she asked me whether I could record the story and send to her. Initially, I was not in a mood to accept the deal. I had a set of work which I was supposed to complete that day. So I felt this would be a big burden for me. I was very hesitant to accept the same. Since she was very interested in making that possible, I was also in a mood to jump in for the activity.

The first time I recorded the story, there were many mistakes. I recorded it once again. The mistakes were reduced. Gradually my work has progressed.  I could complete the recording in the fifth attempt. Finally, I shouted and said, "Hurray". I sent the voice recording of the story to her.

After hearing the story, she said a very positive feedback and a bunch of heartfelt thanks. Listening to her words kept my energy boosted. So I thought to circulate the same to few of my close friends. They replied with a lot of positive feedback and that led to the movement of sending audio stories through Whatsapp. Glad to hear from many friends that they use this as their children's bedtime stories. 

Sometimes in life, we need an external push to do something which exists in our caliber. We may not be aware of our innate strength. It is very hard to accept that energizing factor with a confused mind. If we stand out from our regular thoughts and practices and analyze the  brighter good we will have clarity. So next time, when something pushes you beyond your limit, believe that you are heading towards another best.

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