Thursday, April 21, 2016

Organic Thoughts..

A minuscule of  thought is born;
Sometimes it's born with a thorn;
It grows and enlarges like a corn;
If I leave it unnoticed, it becomes a scorn;

It sails and nudges the healthy brain;
Inch by inch it pricks and pain;
All my effort was going in vain;
Those mini thoughts come again and again;

My conscience for organic thoughts rose above;
It sparkled my awareness and love;
The thorny molecules were covered in glove;
My conscience for organic thoughts rose above;

Sometimes life is sharp as a knife;
Living will not be a glory with epidemic rife;
Organic living is my way of life;
To love my life without any strife;


  1. I had that moment, too, when organic thoughts that once merely prickled took over. When they did, I realized it was a return to ways we had in childhood, that I thought grocery and department stores were improving upon. How much harm that interlude did!

  2. made me think of weeds and how difficult they are to eradicate. I agree organic is what keeps us healthy.

  3. love this grow the organic way theme....

  4. I love your thoughts on organic living.......especially like "My conscience for organic thoughts rose above."

  5. Oh those nagging thoughts in the middle of the night - i love the flow of this..very well written..