Monday, April 11, 2016

Life term Learning

Last week, I and my son were in full preparation for the Math Assessment. While preparing we realized that some concepts were not deeply imbibed in him. I was shocked to see the state as we had only one day left for the exam. While we were preparing for the exam he was very focused on the exam point of view. He was trying to learn everything necessary for the exam day. I had a discussion with him and said, "Whatever we are learning, it's for a lifetime, We are not just learning for the exam. Once you learn them carry that for the rest of your life". Once I said that he changed his perspective. 

After the exams too, we started to play and discuss with fractions and decimals. I strongly believe whatever we teach them it's for their lifetime, not just for the exam purpose which will help them to look at life in a longer run. Otherwise they just learn, score marks and the next year if we ask them the basics it would have already erased from their mind. Any learning in life, should be carried for lifetime then it's worth learning. The learning which meant to satisfy a short term goal will never reach super destination in life.

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