Monday, April 11, 2016

Don't Give up

Whenever I see a victory triumph in any video, that makes me cry in happiness. This video will truly bring a Blissful experience to you. This incident happened during the 92 Barcelona Olympics.

Derek Edmond was participating in the 92 Olympics as a sprinter. After a while his hamstring got hurt and he couldn't run. At that moment, Derek's father came down from the watching arena to support and accompany his son to reach the goal. 

When Derek’s father came and helped him, it makes me think that it doesn’t matter how old is the son, we need to be there and support them in every moment of their life. True, they need our support and motivation in everything they do. Derek’s father didn’t sit there quietly thinking my son is big enough to complete the race by himself or if I go there now and help him what will the world think of me.

It doesn’t matter what the world thinks about me, but I should follow what my instinct instruct me to do whichever is right and appropriate. 

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