Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Contented Smile

Yesterday while I was back from my Yoga class, I saw two packets of milk being kept outside my Neighbor's window. I thought she may come late and pick up. Later while I left for some other work, I saw the two packets lying there. I realized she was not at home. She forgot to give any instruction to the Milk man or to me. I thought if they are outside for a long time, when she comes back home they are going to get spoiled. So I took them and kept in the fridge. It was a long time, I didn't receive any call from her. I called her around PM in the night and asked her whereabouts. She said,"I am outside. I will be back home only after 2 hours".

Today morning I gave those packets of milk to her. She was very happy. She said, "If the milk is good, I will use it otherwise I will make Paneer (Indian Fresh Cheese) out of it". When I see someone smiling in contentment, I feel happy. If you receive applause at the beginning of the day itself, your day will go super good throughout the whole day. I know it's a simple kind act. But if we can do that without expecting anything in return, world will evolve in kindness and there will be unity in diversity everywhere irrespective of any region you belong. 

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