Thursday, April 7, 2016


No matter where you live;
Love is all one can give;
Hurt and revenge let's forgive;
Let's make the peace survive;

The world is a global place;
Borders are just a trace;
Everyone has an equal base;
Live life at your own pace;

Citizenship is a responsibility;
Living by values is an ability;
Citizenship is an opportunity;
I also believe it is a security;

The region or place doesn't matter;
Let the peace and love flow and scatter;

Let us not take the world for granted;
A simple living is all we wanted;


  1. Yes, we all want a simple life, yet it seems to become more and more complicated at times. Still, we must seek peace.

  2. I like so much the foursome: responsibility, ability, opportunity and security! That sums it up for me, especially when and if it enables peace and love to flow in life.

  3. Hope we let peace survive....beautifully expressed...