Thursday, February 2, 2017


The Sun was shining brightly. I had a cool start from the morning. My phone was ringing. I answered the phone and realized that it was my client who asked me to visit him that day. I had to complete my set of work which was planned earlier and started heading towards the place. I took a bus as I love to observe and enjoy the nature. It was a long ride. The bus stopped at a junction. I had to walk a long way to the client location. I was feeling tired at the end. 

When I reached the office, I was rather sleepy than excited. I climbed the stairs in a dull mood. I reached the main entrance. When I opened the door, there came a maid with full smiles. As soon as she saw me, she uttered the words that I am looking beautiful. Obviously, any women will like the comment and felt good. The meeting went well. I came back home with a lot of energy. All my laziness and dull aches had gone away. 

This incident implies that if we can appreciate when we feel like doing so, do it immediately. I don't know the maid and doesn't know me either.  However, as soon as she felt like appreciating she did so. That explains her clean heart and how that one appreciation transformed me in an instant. As soon as we find good, don't forget to appreciate. This quality can transform and benefit both the persons, the receiver and the giver. In the process of making someone happy, your happiness will be doubled. It explains the simple law of life, when you give more you will receive more

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