Friday, February 17, 2017

Overused Goodness

I respect my housemaid who comes regularly home.  She was working well for a while.  She took off for a couple of days after informing me. I didn't say anything. I granted her the leave. After few days she was coming on and off. I didn't say anything hoping that she will be regular with her work. It was one of the days I was waiting for her to come. I had so much of incomplete work. I was waiting for her arrival. It was 9 AM, then 10 AM, 11 AM and finally, it was 12 AM. I was curious and frustrated. I called one of my neighbor in the flat. My maid goes for her too. She replied me saying, "Oh, didn't she give you a call.  She called me in the morning around 6 AM and told me about her unavailability today".  I was shocked and irritated. I immediately called my maid's number and asked,  "Why you didn't inform me whereas you had the intention to call the other. At least you should have conveyed my neighbor to share the information with me".  My maid replied answers with a lot of excuses which made my tone raise a little higher than the usual and she understood the issue. Eventually, I lost few hours of my day. However, I realized if I don't convey the same to her, she would be repeating the same with me even though I gave her everything she asked for earlier.

  I understand most of us comes across these situations in everyday life. I am not talking about only maids, but in life, you may be helping someone for a long time. They may consider your goodness for granted and just move off in life. I would say anytime in life our goodness should not be overused. If you are a person who is so good with everyone without analyzing about the others, the first thing is to be aware of yourself. The second is that if you are expecting something from someone make sure that you communicate long enough so that the other person will understand what you need and will not take it for granted.  When we don't follow what is required to make us fit, we may end up in a worse situation and regret later. 

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