Thursday, February 23, 2017

What makes you stand and stare?

Life sometimes flows very fast. I just feel like catching up time every time. However, there are certain occasions in life where you don't need to rush but just observe, enjoy the moment, breathe and go on. One such moment happened in "Tame the stage" session(A public speaking course for Children) last week.  

We had a session on "Gratitude" in the last week. I believe this attitude can be practiced to develop a holistic life.  We were discussing on all the various ways to express "Gratitude" to different people in our life.  We have a student who does not speak voluntarily in the class.  Her mother said the same when she came to the class first. Whenever I ask something, she speaks not otherwise. When this particular session was going on, she kept on narrating many instances from her life. I have blown away. 

For each value, she had various examples from her life. The session kindled her spirit and she spoke about her core family members.  She was enthusiastic about the whole session. 

I realized that each child is unique. We never know what kind of inputs make them express their feelings outside.  Once they realize their inner potential, the world is just an oyster for them to explore. 

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