Friday, January 27, 2017

Bird Effect

It was a Sunday Morning. The whole family had a little late breakfast than the usual days. A flock of crows flying at a distance suddenly sat in the balcony corridor. They were cawing in loud sound indicating that they need food from us. Looking at the plight of their demand,  my younger son was nagging for food for Crow. I ran to the kitchen to hunt some extra food for them. When I came back with few morsels of rice, my son was happy. I spread across the food in the balcony corridor. The flock of crows was hesitant for a while.  They had their stomachful after I came inside and flew away. This incident had left a deep insight on me. 
The flock of birds comes every moment and ask for food. It is a regular sight these days in my home. I am happy to know that the Crow find a little solace in searching food in our house as we always keep food. A little initiative by my younger one of 5 yrs turned to be a family conscious effort. We can always learn anything from little ones. I am very blessed to see that the act of kindness has been deep-rooted at this young age. Whenever children come with any idea or effort to convey something instead of discarding the idea, it is always good to take initiative towards the cause. A little effort can bring a magnificent change in our children and ourselves.

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