Thursday, October 20, 2016


Did you notice the above posters? Did it trigger something within you? You felt saying, “Wow, a great poster”? This has been created by a friend named Shenbagam. She is working full time in a corporate sector. She squeezed her time and did a lot of effort in making wonderful posters for Story Carpet. 

On this day, I felt like saying my heartfelt gratitude for the beautiful person who worked tirelessly to sprinkle some goodness around with her magic wand. Story Carpet is being cradled by many wonderful people who is always been there with me thick and thin. I like to thank each one of them. Goodness exists in the world because good people and good thoughts are around all the time.

If you feel like saying "Thanks" to someone in your life who has been instrumental in making you of what you being today, write a letter, make a phone call or ping a WhatsApp and express your gratitude. It may be your husband, your children or your parents or relatives or friends. Your gratitude makes a difference in your life and their lives. 

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