Monday, October 3, 2016


I was looking at the sky and mesmerized at the beauty of the clouds transforming into different shapes and sizes. The scene I saw few minutes back in the sky didn’t exist now. I could see an alter ego. This show has been played so well for a good period of time. A magic movie in the sky with no cost involved.

When I was observing the clouds transforming into different shapes and communicating with the fellow transformations, I realized something beautiful.

Few years back, when I quit my software career for the sake of my home and children, I was wondering what to do and utilized my being into writing. After publishing few articles in Magazines, I was very interested towards creating a positive version of children rhymes with Magic Box Animation and also my very own blog, Positive ripples.

After few years, I was much interested towards Toast mastering and Yoga. In another few years, I was drawn towards Storytelling. The path was diversified. Nothing came by force. As I traveled along the path, whatever I liked kept embracing me soft and gentle. I enjoy being an instrument in the journey. When I look back and see the path, it is very contented and beautiful.

As the clouds transform once again, I don’t know where the path will carry me. As I flow, I begin once again. Life is a journey. Enjoy it as the way it comes. 

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