Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ramadan Realizations

Sometimes being away from social media gives a lot of time for other priorities in life. I completely enjoyed the month of fasting and Ramadan.  Fasting, if we adhere properly brings out the best for all of us. Patience and Perseverance has been restored during the final days of fasting. The best thing is that my elder son got the hang of it and his fasting rate has improved drastically from the last year. 

When we follow the rituals as like the way it has to be followed, there will be a sense of completeness after the finish. When we value and nurture the same aroma of childhood like ours, we can expect the same from our children. As a whole I am completely satisfied with the way fasting started and ended. I feel a complete finish. I wish and pray the Almighty to give us all the same feelings and goodness to follow year after year for us as well as the future generation. 

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