Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Current Moment

There are few moments in life, when we feel like listening to soul soothing music for long.  After dropping my son in school, I was completely involved in listening to one of the 80's song coming relentlessly from the car. Even though I had sequence of activities planned for the day, sitting there closing my eyes and completely merging with the rhythm gave all the freshness. I was completely dissolved with the lyrics. Few lyrics are cherished forever for the meaning and they bring back our past memories and childhood. 

Yesterday instead of doing the homework lessons, my son was studying something very interestingly from other lessons. Even though I stressed him to complete the home work that moment, my mind wandered and expressed guilty of myself for not letting him free in his own zone. The moment of interest for a particular thing may last only for that moment and may not come again. By asking him to pursue his interest later may cut down the current flow of interest in him and he may not continue later. I realized later and felt the need to change my thought process.

When you are involved with something at the current moment, even though there are other priorities in life indulge in the present, cherish it and live the freshness at the moment. This moment can relive, kindle and recreate other priorities in life. 

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  1. Indeed its wonderful to read this article as a reminder.. the idea to be watchful before we interrupt a child.And more wonderful to see your profile.I have some similar interest and I'm also currently a home maker.Cheers..keep up the spirit.