Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bicycle Story

It was one of the Beautiful Sunday. My little critter who just turned 5 yrs was very keen in riding his cycle. He was very adamant to remove the training wheels and to ride on his own. Much to my discomfort, I asked my husband to accomplish the same for me. When the cycle returned with no training wheels, his joy was in no bounds. He was very interested to ride the cycle with no training wheels.

My Husband helped him to ride thru' the cycle exactly for 2 days. After that the cycle was left to rest. We left to vacation for a week. After coming back, my husband didn't have time to give practice and fear engulfed the little one's heart. He was very reluctant to ride and practice on his own. He said, " I think I may fall. I am not so confident in driving by myself. Fix back the training wheels". These sentences were kept on going in routine every day whenever I asked him to ride. 

One day he came and asked me, "Mama, can you buy me a new cycle. I think I am bored with the older one". I said, "If you are not riding this one without training wheels, I don't think I will buy one for you". I don't know what he thought. After few minutes, he was gone outside. He didn't come back for a long time. In the mood of searching him, I peeked through the balcony. I saw him trying to practice the cycle with no help. 

It took few days to get used to the tactics. He fell down for couple of times. There was no complaint from him. Only his elder brother came and announced the news. He took very light of all those incidences and kept on driving every day. 

Yesterday he called me and said, "Mama, come down and I will show you my skills". I was totally surprised by the way he could do cycling like a pro. While thinking on the same, I was totally taken aback for the determination he had to practice and perfect the same. I realized anything which looks impossible and challenging in the beginning will eventually fall in place, if we have a strong determination to go further and achieve the same. 

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