Friday, January 13, 2017


I usually go to Yoga Class as part of my morning routine. Yoga helps me personally to balance body and mind on an everyday basis. It was one of those days I went to the morning class. As usual, the instructor was keep giving instructions one after the other. Sometimes we get to go to a relaxed mode before starting another set of stretches.  Somehow this particular day, I was feeling the instructor was giving too much workout for the same part of the body. While I was thinking in the same lines, I heard someone raising their concern over the same issue. 

I also raised my concern and spoke for few seconds for which the instructor took the same and changed the Yoga postures. We continued doing the Yoga. The session ended on time. After the Yoga Class, I didn't feel comfortable. I talked to the Yoga Teacher and said sorry that I spoke in the middle of the class and gave a feedback which was not good. 

I realized when we are planning to give any good feedback we can always say in front of many people. However, if we have a concern or issue to raise on anyone it is better to speak one on one and explain the same. We need to step in their shoes and think for a moment to talk and behave accordingly. Not everybody is perfect in the world. However, if we are conscious of those awkward moments we can work towards a peaceful world for ourselves and others. 

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