Thursday, January 19, 2017


I had a meeting to attend with my colleagues. I got up ready as usual. I was wondering, should I take my car or go by bus? I felt a little lazy boarding a bus. So I took my car and started the journey. I never drove to that venue in my life. I switched on my GPS and drove. I completed halfway in the drive. When I was about to reach the meeting point,  the GPS confused the route. I was struggling to find the place. I enquired few passer-by and some colleagues.  Even after getting the information, I couldn't reach the place quickly. Somehow I managed to find the route and reached the place. It was just a few minutes from the place I stranded. We finally had a good meeting with a lot of great memories. 

If I would have taken a Bus, the journey must have been easy. But I would not have learned the lesson of crossing rough roads. It is my attitude shift that helped me to reach the goal even though the path and the destination were new at that moment. Sometimes when we start something new without knowing the final destination, the journey may feel a little mayhem. Don't worry, ignore, and carry only the goal in mind, you will reach the destination in no time. 

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