Thursday, December 22, 2016


It was a Thursday Morning. I was all set with a mood to pack and go on a vacation. A call came in the morning. I took the call with a bit of hesitancy.  Soon I realized it was from my friend. I lost her contact a while ago. She told me, "Hey, your voice sounds interesting. Do you mind rendering your voice to a business promotion"?  She called for an appointment which happened to occur in another 2 hours. I said "Yes' finally.

I doubted myself on the commitment. I finished all my chores in a hurry and headed towards the destination. It came as a surprise when I reached the venue
on time. 

 I had the requirement ready. We modified the script. Then I took a trail in the voice recorder.  The audio was alright after a 3rd attempt. I completed the work and left home.

My friend called me after few days. She told me after the video was displayed, many investors raised their hand for the investment. It was a huge success.  I was happy hearing the update.

In life, the most hesitant work gives you the biggest credit. I realized when we involve our heart and mind towards any work it brings magnitude. Let us submerge ourselves in anything we do, may it be parenting or career or social work give yourself 100 percent. When you give yourself completely or lose yourself in the work you do, you will yield a result greater than your dream. 

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