Thursday, December 8, 2016

An Inspiring Leader.

On December 5th, 2016, the news came stating that our honorable CM J. Jayalalitha is no more. I couldn't believe that it would stir something within me. I am not a keen observer of politics, yet I always adore her as an individual. I thought she would fight and come back home strong. Whenever they announced holidays on anyone's death during my school days, it had never affected me as I looked those days as a moment of vacation. Nothing else.

But this time, the news about Jayalalitha made me cry. As I started learning about her, the amount of respect grew enormously.She made me realize that anything is possible in this world with a clear goal in mind. She had the amount of strong determination and the attitude of achieving greatness. Even though she couldn't make up her personal life the way she wanted to, she always took up what came to her and achieved success. She achieved this level even without a strong family support.

I know Story Carpet is meant to release stories. Some stories entertain us. Some stories teach us moral values. Some stories make us realize how we can evolve strongly. Despite being a woman, she marched ahead to create history. Her story is an inspiration for all of us. Any women will look up to her for all the qualities she displayed in a golden platter. May her soul rest in peace. Let us all learn one good quality from her and try to implement in our life too.

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