Thursday, September 1, 2016


She was shy and coy
bundled with fear;
The loudness of the mike
was crystal clear;
One by one descended 
to the center of the sphere;

Their voices arose
her curiosity ear;
Waiting for her turn
Made her anxiety appear;
Within few seconds
her name is what she could hear;

Holding the mike
for the first time here;
Shrieking and shaking
with the voice so poor;
"Let go off the fear" said
her inner voice there;

Conquest is the only way 
to get rid of the fear;
She aligned herself with
a steady voice to hear;
Applause and cheer is 
on the way near;


  1. Sometimes the shiest people make the best singers! We hope so :)

  2. Coonquest! I love seeing the change as the performer begins to NEED to deliver her voice/song/poem.