Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hair Cut

It was high time for my 9 year old to do a hair cut. We have decided to sent him alone to the Barber shop as he is used to the way and the shop. Some or the other reason he couldn't achieve the same and he returned back home. Today was the third time dad wanted him to try again. I argued " It's been 2 days he tried already, why don't you go along". He answered "It's ok, Let him try once more today and if he can't I will go". It made a little hiccup in our morning conversation. After 40 minutes he came back home with his hair neatly trimmed. I realized that children has to be taught and mentored to act Independently in the recurring work which they are already accustomed. This will bring immense amount of confidence and face the world with a strong fist.


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