Saturday, October 17, 2015

Auto Ride and a Lesson

One day while I was travelling in an auto rickshaw, I could see the Auto driver constantly talking and doing cat fights with someone at the other end. I was patiently riding the auto until he dropped me at the destination. After he dropped,I said very politely" You know how dangerous it is to talk over the phone while riding, How can you realize when the other vehicle comes in front of you". He smiled and said "Some foolish fellow is at the other end Madam, he doesn't realize... my answer". I am not sure, how much he got my words into his mind, but at least I am happy that I made an awareness in his mind.

It is not only the Auto Driver, but we too get revelations often from our Parents, Neighbors, Friends and Well wishers. It is up to us whether we take their timely advice and go or just ignore and move on. Which Category you belong?


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