Friday, March 24, 2017


It happened before a week. The week started on a high note. I had to go as a speaker in one of the prominent MNC where I started my career. I was thrilled. I was waiting for the opportunity to unfold in my life. I immediately said Yes and acknowledged the request. There was another prominent MNC which I promised to be there for the Women's day program. Both programs collided on the same date. 

As planned, I completed one in the morning and heading back to home. While on the way, I received a phone call from my sister that my mother was not keeping well and she has to be taken to the hospital immediately. I was stuck for a moment. On the same evening, I had prepared to speak about the importance of women. Halfway, I was confused. What should I speak for Women's day program when my mother is sick and the fact that I was not taking care of her at that moment. I quit my thought process and called the program coordinator. I explained my situation and asked for any alternate arrangement. She stated that since there is one more speaker other than me, they can conduct the meeting with no chaos. I calmed down. 

I never failed in my commitment to programs. It was the first time I said an excuse after committing the same. If I would have gone to the program, do you think I would have done justice to the session? Definitely No! Instead, I took a standpoint and went ahead to home. I got ready, rushed to my sister's home and took my mother to the hospital. I felt relieved. Even though I felt guilty for not presenting myself for the commitment, I was happy doing what was just for the moment. I realized right things at the right moment can bring a lot more value-add to our life and we need to be accountable for who we are at the end of the day. 

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