Tuesday, June 14, 2016


It was a bright sunny morning. I was enjoying the lovely weather. Dresses from the dryer were scattered here and there in the Couch. I was piling them together in the mood of keeping the place clean. Looking at my spirit, my younger son also joined the movement. I was happy to work along with him. He was helping me to carry the dresses to the Wardrobe. 

While stacking them in their assigned lanes, he could see a new T-shirt hanging from a corner. The brand read "Sach" a tagline of shirts from Sachin Tendulkar.  Imran, the tiny little looked at the signature image in the shirt and said, "The boy looks like Mowgli" inspired by the movie Jungle Book which he saw recently. I laughed loud and said, "He is not Mowgli, he is Sachin Tendulkar a famous Cricketer from India. If you become famous, probably we can launch a series of dresses like this one. We can name the series as 'Imri" probably I chuckled and smiled".  Imran immediately said, "No, I don't want to become famous". I asked him, "Why?". He said,"I don't want to get my named teased so badly that way". I rolled in laughter sensing his innocence. 

Sometimes they teach us life's most valuable lessons in a gently way. Loved the moment and the discussion. 

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