Thursday, May 26, 2016


A picnic we planned 
during my pregnancy;
It was a moment I cherish
and hold with ecstasy;

A long ride in the bus
Never made me fuss;
The monsoon and the rains
didn't stop my plans;

I walked all the steps
to the mount of talacauvery*;
I never saw a morning
so beautiful that early;

Fluffy clouds and drizzling rain
Made me happy once again;
I took a deep rest
within the womb of Nature's best;

It is the place where the Cauvery river originates and flows in Coorg, India*


  1. What an auspicious mid-pregnancy walk and picnic that rebirths the walker, too! Beautiful.

  2. A room with a womb so to speak, or a womb within a womb. Lol! Sorry about the jokes it is a lovely poem full of feeling.

  3. nice how you wove in your pregnancy with nature's womb